Relocating Food When You’re Moving

So you think you’ve pinned down everything about your move when somehow it’s brought to your attention that you didn’t consider where all your food will go. Your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator are most likely full of food items and none of it should go to waste. Giving your food away should be a last resort and packing and moving all that stuff can seem to be a waste of energy you could put into a different part of your moving tasks. Here are some good options to resolve the left over food issue before you move.

  1. Figure out what you have

You have to look and see how much food you have and that will help you figure out where it will go. Place the food in categories on your list and how much of it. You may have frozen foods, refrigeration perishables, canned foods, glass bottles, boxed food, and delicate packaging foods. When you’ve finished your inventory you’ll be ready to plan what to do with your food.

  1. Use the food before the move

The less you have to move the better. Plan your meals closer to the time of the move. Reduce the grocery store trips or money spent eating out and use up the contents already in the fridge, freezer and pantry. Think of making it fun by coming up with recipes to use the remaining items to make a nice new dish. Another option is to have a farewell gathering to help get rid of the food and drinks in the house.

  1. Pack the food that’s moving

Some of the stuff you have you’ll want to bring along with you and that is fine. There may be some local items that you like and you want to have those on hand at your new place. The best way to pack up the items you are taking is use small to medium sized cardboard boxes for your canned foods, and glass items. They get heavy really fast. Don’t overload boxes with heavy stuff, that isn’t safe. Prevent leaks and spills by placing everything that can spill in Ziploc bags. This is good idea for all opened liquids, and then sugars, flour, and spices. Glass containers will need extra protection in the form of bubble wrap. Place perishable items in a cooler if your trip is close enough to only last a few hours. Label when you need to all food boxes so you will know to unload them right away.

  1. Donating non-perishable items

You can pack up you canned foods and take them to a food bank or maybe your movers offer that option of donating food for you, free of charge.

  1. Throw out old food

Expired or already opened food is a waste of efforts. If you have food that you can’t get to before the move day or will never eat anyways, it’s already trash. Just toss it in the garbage and make sure to recycle all glass and cardboard containers.

  1. Food for move day

Prepack some sandwiches or other food for your move day. You will be tired and on the go a lot so you will need to refuel whenever possible. Make sure you’ve set aside cold drinks and something to snack on to help get through the day.


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